Proposed Future Waves (What they should have made)

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Re: Proposed Future Waves (What they should have made)

Postby kingflame81 » Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:06 pm

Oh I totally agree with you on needing more villains for future waves; hell see my previous posts on that topic, as I'm a big proponent of villains like the Rogues getting their own figs. On the rumor section, someone posted that we might see Mod Captain Boomerang. While I'd prefer the classic version(See JLU) I'll gladly take his version if he looks good enough.
Seriously DC, if you must re-produce other toy line figures, JLU is the best best; they have most, if not, all of the Rogues covered, as well as other must have villains for me like Dr. Polaris and the like. I want my Prof. Zoom and Mirror Master figures myself.
Why not an all villain wave? Marvel Legend did it, and if the wave contained enough bad guys that we could get behind and buy, I see a money-maker. Seriously it's a no-brainer!

Proposed All-Villain wave:

Mirror Master
Prof. Zoom(w/ Zoom II var)
Dr.Polaris(silver age ver)
Vandal Savage
Hector Hammond or Monsiuer Mallah and the Brain C&C
Dr. Destiny
Libra?(final crisis ver)
Major Disaster

Or just throw in some other much needed/wanted villains
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