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Re: dumb question

Postby twofisted » Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:20 am

Not that i'm defending Mattel...but its a pretty tough job to try and put out the right mix of characters per wave and have them sell AND keep their costumes accurate AND complete team rosters. I do think yer right tho....i dont think we'll ever see any of the current teams finished. Dont get me wrong, i love DC comics period and will buy every figure sight unseen, BUT lets face it...theres some characters that wouldnt appeal to the general toy buying public. Without a cartoon or movie or videogame tie in...most of these characters are still widely unknown. Lets also face it...kids these days just arent buying comic books like they used to. I love the Doom Patrol but i seriously doubt we'll see an Elasti-girl CAC figure much less a Niles Caulder which is needed in order to have any kind of Doom Patrol. I also love the Metal Men...but we're at wave 15 at this point and we still need Lead and Platinum and Tin AND Will Magnus to finish off that team. Do you really think Mattel is gunna spread all those characters out over the next 5 waves or so? I would love to see it but i dont think so.

Guess its up to the customizers to finish up all the teams haha
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Re: dumb question

Postby dayraven » Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:06 pm

true... and i think the first company that embraces their 3rd party support (like for matty, SMC comes to mind) and the customizers will completely flip the paradigm... the horsemen keep talking about how matty collector will change the collector market... i doubt that. but a company that openly endorses and supports their 3rd party contributors? yes, that's the future.

honestly, for mattel, i think the key is releasing bucks. like we know they have what, 2 female bucks, and 6 male bucks? release blank bucks on matty collector only, no accessories, like flat white, skin tone, or black plastic only, and make the price point no more than 8 bucks per fig, then allow customizers to post small batches (maybe limit 10 figs a month) on matty collector for sale... that would be flat out incredible.
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