IAT Flea Market Rules - Read Before Posting

We've parceled out a special hitchin' post for trades and sales. Keep it in here, not in the other forums, and keep it civil. We're a small operation.

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IAT Flea Market Rules - Read Before Posting

Postby NoisyDvL5 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:59 am

Please follow these simple rules to so that we can all keep spending our money on toys and not Tylenol:

Basic Rules

  • ItsAllTrue.net is not responsible for your transactions. All transactions will be conducted at your own risk.
  • IAT and its staff will not regulate disputes. We only moderate a situation if a forum member commits multiple offenses, in which case we will only ban the user from our forums.
  • All transactions are to be handled through this forum. Posts in other forums will be deleted.
  • No retailer advertising. The forum is intended only for members of the forums to interact with other members of the forum. Links to online retailers are not allowed and will be deleted. If you are an online retailer that wishes to advertise with IAT, contact a moderator.
  • Similarly, eBay links are not allowed and will be deleted.


  • To utilize the flea market create ONE self-titled thread for all of your wants/haves. Keep the first post updated with your current lists and update the thread title with the date of the most recent update. For example:

    Noisy's Wants & Haves - Updated 1/25

  • If your haves/wants list has no items on it, please update the thread to say "Closed" instead of the date.
  • In addition to our Feedback threads, this method leaves a nice history of trading and forum reputation.
  • Do not bump your personal thread. We're a small forum and it's not necessary. Feel free to add a post to the thread when you update your lists so that it may be pushed back up in the thread rotation.
  • Personal threads are not for discussion. If you are not interested in obtaining the items listed in a thread, leave it for the folks that are. Off-topic posts may be deleted.


  • To promote a community environment, please ensure that you leave proper feedback in the appropriate thread after each transaction.
  • Always check the feedback threads before entering into a transaction.
  • The Feedback threads are also not for discussion. Disputes are to be handled via PM. Discussion posts will be deleted.

General Tips

  • Always keep your wits about you. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If paying through Paypal ensure that the seller is verified.
  • Always use tracking when shipping your items. It's a minimal cost and you'll save money on Tylenol.
  • Finally, the same common courtesy forum rules applies here. Don't make us get the stick!
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