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DC Universe Classics
Checklist – 2008 Figure

Visual Checklist & Reviews

This visual checklist includes all figures released under the DC Universe Classics line as well as the lines associated with it: Public Enemies & Green Lantern Classics. This list is updated regularly and is generally considered complete. This page features the 2008 section of the checklist; other pages are accessible with the links below. If a review is available, you can access that review by clicking on the figure.

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Batman1 Penguin Etrigan Orion Red Tornado Metamorpho
Right Arm Head/Torso Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Collect & Connect

Aquaman Aquaman
Black Manta Harley Quinn Superman (Blue) Superman (Red) Firestorm1 Firestorm II Grodd
Right Arm Variant Left Leg Head/Torso Left Arm 50/50 Var Right Leg Variant Collect & Connect

Sinestro Sinestro Nightwing1 Robin1 Deathstroke1 Slade Grundy
Left Leg Right Leg Variant Head/Torso Left Arm Right Arm Variant Collect & Connect

Wonder Woman1 Artemis Ares Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis Cyborg Sonic Arm Cyborg Captain Atom Captain Atom Despero
Right Leg Variant Left Leg Left Arm Variant Right Arm Variant Head/Torso Variant Collect & Connect

Atom Amazo Eradicator Riddler Black Lightning Metallo
Right Arm Right Leg Left Arm Left Leg Head/Torso Collect & Connect

Superman Superman Mister Miracle Hawkman Captain Marvel1 Dr. Impossible Killer Moth Kalibak
Left Arm Variant Right Leg Right Arm Left Leg Variant Head/Torso Collect & Connect

Lobo Hal Jordan
& Abin Sur
Mongul &
Cyborg Superman
& Batgirl
& Orion v2
Green Lantern
(Toys R Us)
Superman Enemies
(Toys R Us)
Batman Allies
(Toys R Us)
New Gods
(Toys R Us)

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