Ask Matty – February 1st Edition

Ask Matty
February 1st, 2010

1. SilntAngl asks: Has Mattel given any thought to selling the Super Powers version of the DCUC stand in packs on MattyCollector? They look sharp packaged with the upcoming SP figures, but I can think of around thirty other figures that would look great on those stands!

That is a great idea and we’ll look into it as a running change for the stands!

2. Mr. Rant asks: How tall is the collect & connect Trigon?

Nine inches.

3. Manekochan asks: What other DCSH figures would you like to see upscaled into DCUC Collect & Connects besides Darkseid?

Doomsday and Bane come to mind.

4. Vault asks: We know that the Green Lantern movie line is a ways away but is there anything you can share about early plans now? Is Mattel thinking big with a multiple scale onslaught or a more tailored (possibly DCUC compatible) line?

You’ll see both kid and collector scaled figures in the summer of 2011! Toy Guru is heading up what will be a fantastic line!

5. Noisy asks: Of all the figures released so far, Gentlemen Ghost is easily on of the hardest to obtain. Many collectors are still without a complete Giganta almost a year after she was first released. Does Mattel look at secondhand prices or fan feedback when choosing WGSH? Can Gentlemen Ghost expect to see reissue? Or perhaps short-haired Aquaman, another difficult figure that hasn’t seen a reissue in two years.

The All-Star figures are actually not aimed at collectors. The re-releases are aimed at kids and moms who are just learning about the top characters, and looking to obtaining them. Although Gentleman Ghost was a quick sell-out to collectors, he isn’t popular enough with a larger audience to warrant bringing him back quite yet. We have heard the feedback and will look at a way of getting him to fans in time. Look what we did with Man-Bat after all!

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47 thoughts on “Ask Matty – February 1st Edition

  1. Looks like we can expect Trigon to use the Atom Smasher buck. I wish Matty did a better job with the scale of the collect and connnects.

  2. Okay, so…… Vigilante was a WGSH because kids and moms really wanted to snatch him up? Do kids not buy the BAFs? I guess since it’s Giganta then she wouldn’t be high demand, but a lot of collectors AND kids presumably don’t have complete Gigantas becase of the Ghost’s scarcity – but no rerelease is possible unless it’s part of these fabled multipacks? I don’t get it.

    Why hasnt the Ghost been included in the not-Tru exclusive wave? Beetle and Booster are huge overproduced pegwarmers, but they were included in that batch and yet no Ghost. Stupid. It’s just stupid.

    1. I think that’s another case of what was true then isn’t true now.

      Still, you’re correct that Ghost should have been repackaged somewhere by now. That TRU wave would’ve been a great place for it. They seriously overpacked Captain Cold and Sonic Cyborg, but I don’t think Ghost would be that bad of a reissue – he’s on Brave and the Bold a handful of times and he just looks cool. I think this is definitely a mistake on their part.

      1. . . . and, I thought the whole point of the C&C program was to be able to have more evenly-packed cases.

        Why was GG clearly so underproduced? πŸ™

        1. Well, the cases are evenly packed, but the split shipments aren’t evenly produced.

          Case A: 2 Hawkgirls, 2 Ghosts, 2 Fates, 2 Parademons, 2 All-Stars
          Case B: 2 Terrifics, 2 Steels, 2 Vigilantes, 1 Fate, 1 Parademon, 2 All-Stars

          Case A seems to have been underproduced while Case B pegwarmed in some areas. Plus Hawkgirl, Fate, the Pardemon, & Vigilante were reslotted as WGSH figures or in “Best of Cases”.

          That left Gentlemen Ghost as the odd man out.

          1. Well there you go.

            I guess what I meant by evenly packed is that the C&C parts should all be produced in *roughly* the same amount.

            So if at the factory they’re making (random numbers) 20,000 torsos, but only 12,000 heads, then that makes negative zero million sense to me.

            If you’re only making 12,000 heads, then making any more torsos, or arms, or legs than that is an absolute total waste.

            They might as well include some other random garbage for you to throw away.

            “Here, throw this away for us, would you?” πŸ˜€ LOL

            1. Agreed!

              You’re absolutely correct – that is what’s happening.

              Vigilante was reissued with wave nine (cause the suicidal Adrian Chase is sought after by Moms and Grandmas nationwide), we can be fairly certain there’s a ton more of that Giganta’s left leg than her right becase Mr. Terrific has only been released once. Chemo’s crotch and left leg would be his most abundant pieces since Black Canary and Deadshot are in the “TRU not-exclusive” wave. Similarly there simply has to be far less Giganta heads than any other piece since 8A was very hard to find and he’s never been re-released.

              Mattel needs to reslot GG in one of those best of waves or include him in a new case assortment as one of the extras. This is a case of Matty taking me to “literally” and not expounding on my question. I shouldn’t have mentioned WGSH – we don’t want GG as a WGSH, we need the Giganta head. But he does need released a second time.

              1. dude, y’all have to learn this… you’ve been gipped on questions like what now, three times? four? by trying to word them in a conversational way. ask these questions like you’re speaking to a special needs child, and you SHOULD, in theory, get consistant responses. πŸ˜‰

                you poor DCU fans… mattel makes it so hard to give them your money. we he-fans aren’t exactly in a motor boat of bliss and simplicity, but comparitively, we’re making steak and you’re making quiche.

                1. LOL.

                  At least you know that MOTU is a teensy bit easier to deal with. A lot of MOTUfans tell me they wish they had it as easy as DCUC collectors and I’m like “what??”

              2. Yeah, but really, if they’re not going to rerelease GG with Giganta’s head, I wouldn’t even bother.

    1. πŸ˜€ LOL

      I feel Mattel is misjudging this one. He’s a cool figure with cartoon exposure. It’s a shame all those headless Gigantas won’t be getting any help soon.

  3. So Trigon is the same rough height as all the other CNCs? I’m starting to get bored by that. The ‘Wog is too big, Brimstone is too small, Chemo is way too small. I wish they’d do a better job with the scales.

  4. Thanks for the question about the stands. They look sharp and I want to use them for all the figures!

  5. Matty is so full of shit, they have said time and time again the DCUC line is focused on adult collectors , that is the reason for the low numbers ordered by retailers… which is it matty? is the All star line for kids or us? if they are aimed at kids why does the new packaging plainly say “adult collector?”

    I really think the reason we have seen no GG is because of poor quality control,I posted this theory on Matty’s facebook and it was removed. its odd that when we were supposed to be seeing wave 8 we were covered up with older waves and WGSH I really think that was to cover the figures that had to be tossed due to poor paint apps and maybe even lead paint.
    If you think about it in that vein it makes sense as to why we are seeing wave 8 stuff pop up in case assortments now. but yet still no Gentleman Ghost! Come on matty do us collectors a favor, offer just GG with the Giganta piece on your web page and see how fast it sells out.. oh that would mean it would actually have to be a sell-able figure!!and you guys cant see the thousands of us saying ..Hey! where is GG? you have the damn molds , reproduce the figure.

    1. To play devil’s advocate, I get what they’re saying. They’re plan is to repack popular characters in the waves for casual purchase/retailer interest so that that collector’s can get Killer Moth and Cyclotron. But you make an interesting point. I wonder if the new WGSH packaging says adult collector on it. LOL

      I do disagree with them though. They repackaged Vigilante in a later wave and I don’t hear people complain about him as a big pegwarmer. Ghost could have been in place of that second Power Girl in wv10 and he’d at least be less of a pegwarmer.

      I think GG is okay to reslot based on need and his current exposure levels.

    1. Thanks!

      Hey, when are you going to stop by the forum? Us IATers were looking forward to seeing your commentaries there when you signed up. We’re holding your spot for you!

  6. Yeah, right. They released Firestorm as an All Star and they don’t want to release Aquaman. Learn to lie, Mattel!

    1. I think they’ll do Aquaman. He focused on Ghost to answer the question and didn’t mention Aquaman.

      The shiny Aquaman might appease most fans though, so it might be a good idea to not do him for awhile.

  7. “He isn’t popular enough with a larger audience to warrant bringing him back quite yet”

    Google Translator

    “He isn’t profitable enough as not enough people would buy it so we’ll wait until there are enough hungry buyers according to our market research until we do something about it.”

  8. and Mattel continues in the contradictions. It won’t reissue a highly sought after figure that it underproduced- then claims it’s not popular enough to do so.

    You know despite our non-stop request.

    THEN claims the reissue line is for the kids- yet they’ve officially listed DCUC as a ‘colletor’s line’ and thusly jacked the price up to 15 bucks. Which, just so you know is just going to keep mom and dad from buying this for the kids.

    You’re better off 100% catering to the collector’s when they’re 15 bucks a pop.

    1. i would love to hear, in the next Q&A a justification for the price hike, and the “adult collector” statement on the front of the package if “kids are buying these figures.”

      and if collector’s bought all the GGs… doesn’t that mean the kids didn’t? and the kid’s giganta’s are all missing heads? make more for the kids dammit! GG HAS shown up on B:BatB quite recently.

      also, if kids are buying these, why aren’t we moving enough units to keep the price down? let me guess, it’s video games… parents everywhere at dumping 6o buxks or more a month on video games instead of buying the kid’s a 10 dollar toy? riiiigggghhhhhttttt…..

      1. Our WM got Wv 11 in a few weeks ago and they all sold except for the reissue Supes.

        I know it’s likely a misnomer but it cracks me up.

  9. I think the real issue is something more akin to what Ottodestruct said. Due to production issues, case A was shorted. Maybe it was Mattel’s excuse about having to find a new factory in mid production and somehow this part of the wave got the shaft. Maybe it was some other dumb excuse that caused that part of the wave to get shorted, but obviously GG was not produced in sufficient numbers. I think most of the WGSH/re-issues we’ve seen so far are merely over produced figs that Mattel is having the benefit of selling to folks like TRU. Some of them may be planned reissues but most seem to be overstock more than anything else.

    1. I don’t think it just had to be production issues. The retailers seemed to order an overabundance of the wave 6/7 refresher cases.

      I like those cases for the possiblity of reissuing HTF figures, but I don’t like when a retailer can load up on those (As many did) and then skip waves 8 and 9 while they sell off that stock. Mattel should know to be conservative on in-between cases.

      1. I think it does due to the fact that Mattel was coming off that whole “lead paint” issue and most figures weren’t showing up in great abundance at retail, at least in my area, anyhow. They were also still trying to get the online retailer solid case deal ironed out. Hell, they were still solidifying Wal-Mart’s commitment to the line. So I think Mattel was struggling to get the production numbers right at that time, evident by lots of folks moving to ordering these online as opposed to trying to find em at retail…but that’s just my SWAG on the matter ^_^

        1. I do think that it’s possible. I was just posting my personal theory that everything was too full of the case before.

          I’m worried about that repeating this year if wave 10 continues to pile up and then 11/12 add to it, we might see similar issues with 13/14.

  10. no Dayraven, it’s our fault- it’s always our fault that something didn’t sell or whatever. I swear Mattel does things to see how far they can push the customers before they quit.

    1. they are like drug dealers, aren’t they? “you know our product will kill you, you pay in whatever currency we ask, you’ll jump through all our hoops, cuz you NEED what we’re selling…”

      i’m going on record now… the motuc 2011 subscription… only available for two days, pay in wampum only. you heard it here first…

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