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NYTF Armchair Coverage: MOTUClassics.com Checklist Updated!

I’m running this Armchair coverage without press pics, so I’ll direct you over to Preternia for the pics before I start yapping.

Super7 has basically destroyed all the early expectations for their first dip in fully articulated MOTU Classics figures. The dreamers are 1 to the skeptics 0. The pictures I’m using here are from an announcement just prior to Toy Fair where Super7 showcased their first four “Classics” figures. They covered a lot of ground with a classic Filmation figure, a Mini-Comic figure, a New Adventures figure, and an all-new character. It was a great showcase to let collectors know that the figures could be drawn from just about anywhere and the line would be more than just Ultimate renditions with a bunch of accesories packaged together for the first time.

At Toy Fair, Super7 debuted 10 more figures bringing their first year of offerings up to nineteen figures so far. Four of them were Filmation versions of our favorite characters: Hordak, Man-At-Arms, Teela, & Tri-Klops. These figures are true to the original cartoon and look great. It makes me honestly conflict about what type of collection I need! The other six though were a little more interesting as they got increasingly out there as you looked across the Super7 Case. These six will be released as two PowerCon exclusive 3pks. The first, based on old mini-comics, features a blue-vest Prince Adam, the pretty-much-naked Trap-Jaw, and maybe-even-more-naked Stratos. I tease, but these are some classic color variants that fans have been clamoring for a long time. The other 3pk, even more interesting to a collector like me, is of some early concept, cancelled characters from the late 80 Powers of Grayskull line. These guys, Horroar, Hot-Shot, & Lord Gr’Asp, will be basically hanging out with He-Ro & Eldor on your shelves if you’re able to snag them. Both two-packs are exlusive to PC and I’m not sure what online offerings will be available just yet. For more info directly from Brian Flynn at Super7, check out Pixel Dan’s Walkthrough Video!

I’m just going to skip over the vintage 5.5″ news for now. It’s cool, but I don’t know how I feel about it, so I’m just going to jump right into checklist notes. Basically, there is still a LOT of work to be done on the MOTU Checklists. I need to make a 2016 year graphic for the main page, I need to update the links between pages, and add in some accessory information for a few pages. Plenty to do, but the checklist is updated with the reveals though a few pics are still mising. You can check it out at the usual link below!

Continue to the 2017 Checklist!

9 comments to NYTF Armchair Coverage: MOTUClassics.com Checklist Updated!

  • Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

    Very much looking forward to these. Very annoyed that PowerCon holds so much sway in what gets made.

  • nobody

    Well if they commissioned the exclusives, they should have total say over what is made. It would be ridiculous if they didn’t.

    • Not the point. I object to a toyline being hijacked by third parties and location-specific exclusives. Makes it damn’ near impossible to get a complete collection, subject to the whims of others, at a mark-up.

      If everyone is able to bag what they want, that’s fine. But being made to buy a ticket for an event you can’t even afford to attend, for the privilege of possibly being able to buy something? To Hell with that.

      Also, it opens things up for scalpers and other deplorable “Augustus St. Cloud” types to lord it over those who just want to have fun collecting. Causes a lot of ill will and can kill a line pretty quickly.

  • Hell, look at Palisades toys. A lot of things concatenated to put them out of business, one of the biggest contributors being that they had roughly a bazillion exclusives in all their lines, spread all over the internet and the real world. Collectors just gave up and cancelled their pre-orders. When the ability to collect a complete or near-complete set dwindles to nothing for most of the fan-base, the line WILL die an untimely death.

  • Jarless

    Glad to know you’re alive and reporting.