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NYTF Armchair Coverage: DC Collectibles Batman Animated Checklist Updated!

The Batman Animated checklist was a little further behind than just New York Toy Fair reveals. Previously announced items like the TNBA Riddler & Catwoman, the Superman & Lois Lane 2pk, and the BTAS Batgirl have all been added to the checklist. All shipping dates and affiliate links have also been updated for the previously released and announced items.

The big thing for the DC Animated line appears to be a transition to larger items and multi-packs. There have been two dozen Animated figures revealed so far for 2017 and only three of them are single-carded. Those would be the aforementioned TNBA Riddler, Catwoman, & BTAS Batgirl. For the rest of the releases, we’ve either got a single figure packaged in a deluxe way or a multi-pack. The biggest multi-pack was announced a few weeks ago a GCPD Rogue’s Gallery pack. This set features Officer Montoya packaged with four main BTAS villains: Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, & Bane! Check out ToyArk for some booth shots of the 5pk along with their accessories.

The smallest reveal would be the $50 Joker Expressions Pack. Similar to the upcoming Batman pack, this set features a Joker figure with a bevy of interchangeable parts. We don’t have a full list, but from the ToyArk pics it looks like it will include eight heads, two sets of arms, a trenchcoat, two guns, and a pool float. I’m not looking for yet another of the same Joker, but the expressions are amazingly done and like the Batman set, it’s sure to find it’s way into my collection. It appears to be the one item we don’t have a press pic for, but it has a blane space on the checklist for now.

Finally, the big reveal if you have any space or money left is the Batcave vignette (press image pictured below). It looks amazing, clocks in at 15.5”x 17”x 21”, features a light-up Bat-Computer with interchangeable computer screen graphics. It also includes Alfred and three accessories. It’s an awesome piece and Alfred is a must have. I just don’t know where to put it!

For now, I’ve added all these reveals to a 2016-2017 page. We’ll get 2017 split off soon enough!

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