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SDCC Armchair Coverage: Star Wars Black Series 6

I don’t have time for much Armchair Coverage this year – regular readers know I don’t have much time for anything this year, but I want to at least spend some time getting the Checklists updated with the SDCC Reveals. Going in order of traffic, Star Wars: Black Series is first up today. Expect some more updates the next couple days including some thoughts on MOTU.

Hasbro didn’t reveal a ton from the show, the lid is on the Rogue One as best as can be, but we did get a handful of reveals from all across the spectrum: Qui-Gon Jinn, a Tusken Raider, Lando Calrissian, a Royal Guard, Hera from Rebels, and Jyn Erso from the upcoming Rogue One. All the figures look great and the press photos are included below. There was a leaked photo for a Rogue One assortment that showed the unmasked Kylo Ren as regular release, the above-mentioned Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, a Deathtrooper, and K-2S0. Hasbro has been pretty judicious about getting the image removed so I won’t post here and will wait to update the checklist until the figures are official announced.

All other figures are on the checklist however, as well as the SDCC Obi-Wan and Jyn Erso exclusives, the Unmasked Kylo Ren Celebration exclusive, and the finally added K-Mart Exclusive Rey that so many of you have kindly e-mailed to remind me about (Thank you!). It should be good to go.

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8 comments to SDCC Armchair Coverage: Star Wars Black Series 6″ Reveals

  • Neat-O. Might get a Royal Guard, could possibly stretch to a Tusken (if I can be bothered to make a Hoar out of it), but the rest are easy passes.

  • Clutch

    Thanks for taking the time to update the checklists, Noisy. These are still my go-to guides for new stuff coming out and they are much appreciated. I was glad to finally see Lando making the Black Series along with Leia, Old Ben, Tusken Raider, and the Emperor’s Royal Guard. Lots of OT love on the way there. To be sure, Hasbro’s reveals for both Marvel Legends scales were the best news to come out of this weekend by far.

    The only huge downside to all of SDCC 2016 was the surprise news regarding Matty Collector’s demise and the unknown fate of Thundercats Classics. I’m still bummed out by that, especially after I’d just gotten the Thunderkittens. 🙁

    • What? What? yeesh.

      I feel completely out of the loop, more so than ever.

      See, IAT was my go-to place for news, news that had context and intelligent discussion (and funny pictures). I feel lost.

      I’m not trying to throw any shame out, I fully understand that life happens. I’ve got some serious as s**t life stuff going on right now so, yeah, I get it. I appreciate whenever Noisy is able to put even this much content out, I do. I hope life get better for everyone.

      But OK, so Matty Collector is dead? I can’t believe Mattel will completely stop internet sales. I would expect some kind of relaunch under an even more ‘hipster’ targeted name.

      • Alex

        Mattycollector is closing at the end of the year, Super7 (who made the 3 3/4″ figures amd the new episode of the classic cartoon) is running the MOTU license as of next year.

      • . . . and from what I hear, they’re going to continue MOTUC with the Four Horsemen, and will try to make Snake Mountain happen, but there needs to be enough support for it.

  • Alex

    Lando looks cool, but have always much preferred the general’s uniform, Royal Guard is tempting, and waiting tonsee the film before picking up any Rogue One merch, but Erso does look cool.

    But for cripes’ sake, where in the hell are Episode VII Luke and Leia already?! What kind of world is this where a new Star Wars film featuring the original cast has been out for 7 months and there are NO Luke or Leia figs anywhere? I understand they were holding off on him until after the movie came out, but come ON.

  • Awesome. A lot of these are figures I can’t believe it took us this long to get. Lando and Qui-Gon are both major characters. More Rebels is always good. Regardless of whether Rogue One ends up being good or not, we’re getting a Felicity Jones action figure.

  • EM

    And still no C-3PO. I did see something about a red armed version being released at some point, but really? No classic C-3PO? Talk about disappointing your fans. SMH