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Marvel Two-A-Day
Hulkbuster Legends
War Machine Review

The paintwork is sharp throughout the figure. The base is a great glitter-infused gunmetal color that really makes the figure shine. The relief areas are painted well with a bright silver and the tampos are pretty clean throughout. Articulation is standard with ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, mid-torso, wrists, hips, & ankles; double-hinged knees & elbows; and swivels at the biceps and thighs. Everything works well for the most part. The shoulders are blocked by the shoulder pads a bit and the ankles are limited by being higher up the shin under the armor.

The second accessory here is the back mounted gun. It’s kinda cheapie, but I probably just miss the Gatling gun. It can peg on either side of Rhodey’s back and then features two swivels and a hinge for posing. The great alternate head and the shoulder gun are both great pieces to get, though I will bring up the lack of alternate hands one more time. Hands are just so expressive that I kinda wish ML had a library of them at this point instead of locking these figures down.

Overall, War Machine feels like a highlight of the set just because he’s the one movie figure, and an armor, that we get on the way to building the massive Hulkbuster. There are some other good figures too, so it’s not just a repaint headlining the wave. The sculpt on the armor is solid with good articulation and I love the metallic look. The big seller is the alternate head though. I love getting the open mask and seeing Rhodey’s face in there. It make the figure much more unique. Hopefully, we get this option more often going forward.

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5 comments to Marvel Two-A-Day
Hulkbuster Legends
War Machine Review

  • Alex

    With these movie figures, when they nail it they really nail it, and that Cheadle sculpt looks sharp as hell. I may have to pick this one up if I see it (ML is the one line I’ve always wanted to get really into but have never had the chance, in fact the Coulson set was the first I’ve gotten since….probably either Blade or Afleck DD, either way long before Hasbro).

    Now if only he could get to actually do something in one of these movies…

    • It’s funny, War Machine (sic) gets some key movie time and we finally get the figure, yet Falcon has a LOT of heat now and where’s his?

      (seriously, he’s really fun to watch in Ant-Man)

      I make the League of Missing Marvel Movie Figures to be Falcon, Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch at this point. I’d take that as a 4-pack thank you very much!

      Noisy, aside, did you get an order in for the Amazon Exclusive 4-pack?

      • Brainlock

        Falcon and Vision are pretty much a lock for the Cap3:CW wave, but rumour has it that the twins may not be coming, because FOX gets a cut of ANY movie merch featuring “mutants” and that does include the twins. This is why AoS has pushed the Inhumans this year, and the figures we did get of the twins were a 10″ 5poa of one of his comic suits, and 4″ 4poa of her movie look.

        it’s just more inanity from Perlmutter or whoever it is that had the Marvel offices remove and and ALL references to the X/4 franchises. on the bright side, at least Sony was willing to renegotiate their contract, but then again, they’re nearly in the same boat Marvel was when they cut the original deals. As long as Fox keeps churning out decent X-family movies, we’re not going to see much X/4 merch in the toy aisles. esp now that an actual X+4 film has been confirmed in the works.

  • Brainlock

    The Cheadle head is the selling point for me.
    I had a sense of deja vu pulling him out of the package, but when I realized he was simply an IP repaint it made sense. I do still prefer the first WM that you included in the review. that mofo is a TANK.

    well…ok, more of a humvee compared to “Veronica”, but still!

  • Paul

    *sigh* I’m still looking for the IM 2 version of War Machine at a decent price. Stupid thing is just so expensive on the aftermarket. I am looking forward to this one, though. I just love the design of the MCU War Machine in any iteration.

    Though I love the Don Cheadle head, does anyone else wish that the facemask was a bit higher on his forehead? Though I think this is movie accurate, I can’t help but feel that in “real life,” it would be higher up on his head (I felt the same way about the RDJ head).