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Tamashii Features
2012 Galleries

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13 comments to Tamashii Features
2012 Galleries

  • Josh

    I’m excited about that King Ghidorah, but not quite as excited about the 10,290 yen price.

    The Kamen Rider displays killed me, there’s not a single Figuarts I don’t want. SRC Aquarion Evol, new stuff for Chogokin Franky, Robot Damashii Ka Signature and Rinne no Lagrange… lord, there was almost too much to like this time.

    I’ve got to say, it’s nice to see my favorite toy lines featured here, too. It’s not like I expect IAT to review everything under the sun, but I do like seeing these on an English-language site. Thanks, guys.

  • Josh

    Oh yeah, and I don’t know if there are any Neon Genesis Evangelion fans here, but there was also an SH Monsterarts of the 10th Angel Zeruel from the Rebuild of Evangelion on display. I hope no one minds me linking this picture:


    • Dorkey

      There was actually a 4th Angel as well as the 10th Angel.

      Photography wasn’t permitted for either one (although the “no photography” sign was posted closer to the 4th Angel) and I wasn’t about to risk being shut out of future events over a couple of pictures.

  • I’m really of two minds here, and the problem is I can’t ignore the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that goes on.

    I mean, Gridman? REALLY Bandai? Last I heard NOBODY in Japan cared a whit about Gridman except for hard core Toka otaku. That’s more an American thing, a slightly larger market yet YOU HAVE NO REAL AMERICAN PRESENCE ANYMORE, not in any consistent way. Grargh. Pity you killed your Tamashii Web site in the U.S. (which never had an online store active), huh?

    King Ghidora is da bomb, with of course a price to match. I can’t help wonder what the Revoltech version would have looked like. And there’s likely to be a 8000 Yen accessory set as well, huh?

    I am tickled to see Dunbine and L-Gaim toys. I’m positive that’s as far as both lines go, what’s shown.

    thank you for the effort, Robert and Vault! Even tho I may sound like a ‘debby downer’ I’m glad there’s stuff here that excites people. 🙂

  • Wait… *JETMAN* S.H.Figurearts?!


    They do the whole team including the sexy commander and I’m in. Bandai gets me again. arrgggh.

    (it would be nice if they did the key badguys of the various Sentai shows as well, but that would be an insane amount of one-time tooling)

  • Modthra

    Hi! Since the Ultra-Act and SH MonsterArts displays are rather small this time around, can it be commented on that there are more figures there that are not being allowed for photographs at this time? Normally Tamashii shows the upcoming stuff, so the smaller Destoroyah, Little Godzilla and that Sun God (from the Orochi film) did not appear. Are there more MonsterArts that are in the works besides the Evangelion stuff?

    • Dorkey

      Tamashii Features is basically the smaller brother to the Tamashii Nations event. It is approximately 1/3 the size with appropriately less displays.

      Having said that, there were a certain number of displays which we weren’t allowed to photograph:

      Tiger and Bunny
      -Campaign items

      -all D-Arts items
      -all Figuarts ZERO items

      AGP(Armor Girls Project)
      -all AGP items
      -all COMPSITE Ver. Ka items

      Monster Arts
      -4th Angel
      -10th Angel

      -Karen Kouzuki

      DMP(DeforMeister Petit)
      -Uta no Prince-sama

      Metal Build
      -Gundam Exia

  • Gildeft

    How tall those Godzilla figures are??They look pretty good.

    • AdventureVault

      Godzilla’s just a bit over six inches. Mecha and Space G are a bit bigger than him. Ghidorah is quite a bit bigger, but I’m not sure how much.

  • Evil Ed

    I think I’m in love. If they made a Birugenia figure for the S.H. Figuarts collection, I’d marry Bandai.

  • manekochan

    XD That One Piece ship is awesome!!!
    Also, how much would I have to pay you to stop showing Vault pictures of Godzilla, Power Rangers, and girl robots? His wallet’s already on life support as is.

  • Fritzilla

    No Mazinger? No Mazinkaiser SKL? No Getter Robos? That makes me sad.

    Still digging quite a few of the sentai figures, especially the Dekaranger/SPD sets. I also like the Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger figures, but the gold accents on the girl’s foreheads make them look like they have cookie monster eyes from certain angles (especially the one of the trio standing outside the shop, Gallery A pic 50).