Vault Review: Ori-Toy Limited & Guan Yu from The Three Kingdoms

Ori-Toy also has started a corresponding line based on the popular Chinese manhua (manga) The Ravages of Time.  This is an entirely fictionalized story that takes place during the events and period of the Three Kingdoms.  The first figure to be introduced is Liao Yuan Huo, the leader of the assassin group known as the Handicapped Warriors.  This limited line of figures is sold exclusively to comic shops.

The first figure released in the primary line was Guan Yu.  This legendary General was not only a masterful fighter but also the epitome of brotherhood and righteousness.  Early in his life he, Liu Bei, and Zhang Fei swore an oath of loyalty to each other, effectively making them brothers and permanent allies on the battlefield.  In the battle at Xiapi, Guan Yu was defeated by General Cao Cao.  But even in defeat Guan Yu’s virtue was respected by his enemies.  Cao Cao allowed Guan Yu and his charges to live if he would serve in Cao’s army.  Guan Yu accepted these terms to spare the lives of Liu Bei’s wives, who he was guardian over, but with the forewarning that he would leave the moment he received news of Liu Bei’s whereabouts.

Guan Yu served Cao Cao faithfully for a short time, even personally defeating two very powerful adversaries in his name.  The inevitable day eventually came when he learned Liu Bei was still alive, and Guan Yu took his sister-in-laws and left to reunite with his brother.  Cao Cao knew nothing would stop him, and he ordered his men to give him free passage.  But even then he was still opposed by six different Generals at five different passes.  Some of the Generals tried overwhelming forces and brute strength, while other relied on cunning and subterfuge.  Ultimately they all ended with the same conclusion of Guan Yu striking them down personally.

This Guan Yu figure comes with four alternate faces and two sets of hands, one open and one closed.  I’m going to be getting into the design of the Ori-Fig and its articulation later this week, but I did want to touch on one other accessory.  Guan Yu wielded a Chinese pole weapon known as a guan dao, which according to legend was invented by Guan Yu himself.  Guan’s personal weapon was a very special legendary guan dao known as the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.  The mystical blade gained its name because it was supposedly infused the remains of a green dragon during its forging.  This definitely makes for one of the cooler accessories in the line.

For the rest of this week I’ll be taking a more in depth look at the Ori-Fig design and articulation, as well as four more toy reviews of the remaining figures to be released so far.  I’d like to thank Mo at Ori-Toy for providing me with these products for review, as well as answering the numerous questions I’ve been asking him.

Unfortunately, these figures aren’t yet available here in North America.  But that’s one of the reasons why I love doing articles and reviews like these.  Not only do I get to throw my support behind these fun and uniquely designed action figures, but I also have the privilege of helping to introduce them to a wider market.  So sit back and enjoy the ride this week, and if you think you may be interested in buying these characters or types of figures, then please let us know in the comments section.

If you just can’t wait and would like to see more Ori-Toy products, you can check out the English version of their website here.

26 thoughts on “Vault Review: Ori-Toy Limited & Guan Yu from The Three Kingdoms

    1. Thanks Doc, glad you like them. I hadn’t heard of them till a couple weeks ago myself. But I’m glad I did, cause they’re just so damned fun to play around with.

  1. Those look quite cool.

    If I ran across those somewhere, I’d definitely pick up one or two (depending on price) to check out.

    1. I knew I forgot something.

      The Three Kingdom figures are priced at 1600 yen, while the exclusive Ravages of Time line are 1800 yen.

      Importing them will cost a bit more of course, but I think it’s definitely reasonable.

  2. They’re fun to play with and, though the joints take some getting used to, they allow for way more movement than you’d think. Plus, those extra faceplates are just so much fun. 🙂

  3. Oh wow! These are awesome. Tell me where I can get them and I’ll impoversh myself to collect them! Well okay, I’d buy one or two… so they could FIGHT!

    1. They do great fighting poses. There’s no easy way to get them at the moment unless you have a middleman. But the folks at Ori are working on it.

  4. They look pretty rad. I would most likely definitely pick up a Guan Yu for a reasonable price. They look like deluxe class playmobil dudes.

    1. I’ve been talking back and forth with one of the designers at Ori-Toy and he’s been really great about supplying us with products and information.

  5. I am a total mark for anything Kung Fu related and these are the coolest new figures I have seen in a while. DEFINITELY will buy if they become more readily available!

  6. dude, i’m an enormous fan of romance of the three kingdoms, and the dynasty warriors games… and these look cool, even though i’m about as opposed to the “designer vinyl” look as one could conceivably be. i’m behind on reading the other articles due to a change in my computer access (damned wife made off w/ the laptop!) but i’ll get to each of them, i promise.

    i’ve been craving more standard figures, hopefully in the 6 or 7 inch scales, for about 8 years now. GUAN YU!!!! he’d be my first purchase. 🙂

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