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    1. Although it isn’t official, the quality of the figures that were displayed seem to be an indication that these are going to be released.

      Oh, and an “unofficial” conversation that I overheard, they are shooting for an October release for Godzilla.

  1. If Bandai would just announce that they’ll release a COMPLETE series of Godzilla figures, their sales would skyrocket. But they never do, it’s always the same 5 figures, and 4 of those are Godzilla!

    1. Bandai (especially the Tamashii division) is always afraid that they may be overextending if they put out too many products at once. Although there may be enough demand to warrant the release of multiple figures, they fear that they may be creating their own competition.

      As for multiple versions of the same figure, every manufacturer does that in order to get the maximum use out of a single mold. That’s why Kaiyodo is working on a MkIV Iron Man (which can use most of the MkVI molds) but doesn’t have any plans for a MkV.

  2. GOOD GRAVY JESUS I WANT THOSE SA GODZILLA FIGURES! EVERYONE BUT MOGUERA! Though I will kill Bandai if they tease us about this and don’t deliver!

    1. Just a note, the figure you are referring to is MOGERA (Mobile Operation Godzilla Expert Robot Aerotype) from “Godzilla vs Space Godzilla”.

  3. There is a phrase used among some of us in the anime/Japanese toy community.

    Bandai Hates You

    It’s somewhat a Zen Koan, a simple expression of a very complex situation between the Consumer, the Consumer’s Money, Bandai, and Bandai’s willingness to fulfill the Customer’s Needs/Wishes/Hopes.

    Interestingly, when uttered by someone in the Gundam fan community, it doesn’t get much sympathy or traction because on the whole, if it’s Gundam, Bandai will support it to crazy lengths. So maybe the U.C. Hard Graph line of military models is stagnate, it at least got a shot and I think a new kit is on the boards for this year. Compare that to the love shown to Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection. Which was more or less ZERO love.

    I can tell you everything you need to know about Bandai’s new Kaiju Revoltech-wannabe line just from looking at history. It’ll cost more than it should (because it’s not about actual cost, it’s about charging ‘what’s expected’, see), the super cool stuff will be Tamashii Web Only exclusives, they’ll feel more delicate than their Revoltech rivals and they’ll kill the line before they get to the monster you REALLY crave.

    Bandai Hates You.


    1. Bandai markets their products following a valid form of logic. Unfortunately, this form of logic is not necessarily consumer friendly and often results in complaints from the very customers who pay Bandai’s bills.

    1. No dates yet.
      In fact, there is no official word as to whether these figures are even going to be released.

      I’m guessing that we’ll get something official in June (at the Tokyo Toy Show) at the latest.

  4. I hope bandai releases these. For them to go out of there way and create hyper articulated figures only to throw them out at the last second is just insane. Besides all of their other godzilla figures sell like hotcakes (from the imported line…not the cheap Bandai creation figures that are sold here in the states.)I’ve been going to G-fest every summer and people buy the 6″ and 8″ figures by the dozen. So I’m sure these will sell fine.

  5. I’m confident that Bandai will be releasing what was shown at Tamashii Feature’s.
    Although there isn’t any official release date (or even any official word that the figures will be released), one of the guys from Bandai was “unofficially” telling one of his clients that they’re hoping for the first of the figures to be in stores this October.

  6. I honestly dont know how I’m gonna be able to wait that long. I think I’ll have to be placed into a coma…

  7. I heard that these figures are going to be in the 20cm scale. so that means that virtually everyone of these figures will be in the ballpark of 8″ in height.

  8. I’m hoping these are compatible with the recent Revolktech kaiju. The Anguirus and Baragon are just spectacular.

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